Your Wedding is one of the most important days of your life and it deserves careful attention and planning. At Flowers By Tanya McKenna, we aim to deliver a quality wedding service with a fresh, inspirational and very personal approach.

Whether you require a full wedding service or want a simpler wedding flowers, we will ensure that all your needs are catered for. Our wedding specialists pride themselves on providing each couple with an individual service and can offer you good, practical advice to ensure that you get the perfect wedding flowers for your perfect day.

“For a reliable, friendly approach, tailored to suit your budget . . . . . .”

Brides Bouquets

Traditional white or perhaps some other luscious colour? Flowers are a wonderful medium in which to reflect your style and personality at your wedding. For the Bridal bouquet, our designers take in concerns important aspects like shape and colour – ensuring the flowers match beautify you and your specific wishes.

Bridesmaid Bouquets

Bridesmaids’ flowers are usually smaller than the Bride’s bouquet and their colour and style should match the overall scheme of the wedding. An alternative for younger Bridesmaids is to give them a small basket of flowers or a wand.

Reception Flowers

Make your wedding day special with Flowers By Tanya McKenna delicate solutions. Choosing the right floral arrangements can help sustain a sense of beauty and sophistication throughout your wedding day. Remember that whilst the event will last one day, the photographs will capture the memories for the rest of your life and beyond.

Church Flowers

We are always pleased to receive requests to arrange flowers for special occasions. The practice of being flowers into church, to enhance the beauty of the building, is an ancient and well-established tradition. Put your unique signature to the event. Let our Flowers By Tanya McKenna expert designers share their ideas on the best styles of arrangements to suit the church for your wedding.

Buttonholes and Corsages

The Groom often wears a flower in his buttonhole of his suit jacket. It is usually the same as one of the flowers that has featured in the Bridal bouquet. This goes back to the time when a knight would wear his lady’s colours. Key male members of the wedding party normally wear Rose buttonholes on the left lapels of their jackets – those key male members being Groom, Best Men, Fathers and Ushers.

The Ladies would wear a Corsage – key members being Mothers and Nan’s. A Corsage is a design of 2 or more heads and is worn on the right  (an easy way to remember – WOMEN ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!) . A corsage can also be worn on a wrist or designed on a Handbag.